The Amazing Chefs of Peru and Latin America

The Chefs are cooking for a cause.
Warma Foundation presents the Dinner Class event, which brings together a group of outstanding Chefs. The result will be donated to those in need in Puerto Rico and the poor Children of Peru

Cesar Gonzalez

Chef owner of Boca's Group (Boca's House & Boca's Grill)

Christian Encalada

Chef of award winning Divino Ceviche Restaurants

Anthony Verastegui

Chef and owner of Aji Carbon award wining restaurant in Sunny Isles FL

Jose Luis Chavez

Chef owner of Mission Ceviche in NYC Meat Packing District.

Double Satisfaction

One: Proceeds from the Dinner Class go to help our brothers in Puerto Rico and the poor children of Peru.

Two: You get to eat all that you can eat from the delightful culinary creations made by the Star Chefs!

Satisfy you inner Foodie! Don’t read about it the next day come and enjoy!!!

Darwin Santamaria

Chef owner of Darwin's on 4th Gastro Brewpub & Darwin Evolutionary Cuisine. Founder of Darwin Brewing Co.

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